Paid Subscription

The subscription will be started from the date of purchase or from the expiration date of the active subscription.

Item Price Discount
Subscription - Month US$ 99 - Sign Up
Subscription - Quarter US$ 259 10% Sign Up
Subscription - Half year US$ 499 15% Sign Up
Subscription - Year US$ 950 20% Sign Up

* One month means 30 calendar days, three months means 90 calendar days, a half of year means 180 calendar days, a year means 360 calendar days.
* We do not store your payment information. You will pay directly via payment gateway.
* Yearly subscription can be purchased via wire-transfer only. Monthly subscription can be purchased only by credit card or PayPal.

Trial subscription

The trial subscription is free of charge and contains usage limitations. No payment information is required.

Item Price Note
Subscription - Month Free limited to 10 tests per day
Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade your subscription at any time. If your paid subscription will expire, you will be able to restore your account from the date of payment.

How can I pay for the subscription?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or make a direct wire-transfer to our bank account. You are welcome to generate an invoice at your subscription page. Our customers support are glad to help you!

Do you provide customer support?

Yes. All accounts come with free support. You can create a ticket in our helpdesk system or have a live chat with one of our representatives. We will be glad to help you!